Feeding anemones and extended polyp corals.

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Feeding anemones and extended polyp corals. Empty Feeding anemones and extended polyp corals.

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All these depend on small fish/inverts down to planktonic sized food sources and this is a very diverse food group.

With in the cells of all corals/anemones are algae clades, these you do not feed, the corals feeds them with its waste and substances are taken from the waters of your aquarium.

Than they contribute glucose and more from photosynthesising wastes and along with coralline algae, form the corals skeletal structure to house each coral creature that at this stage is identical to an anemone as a juvenile.

The best ways to feed these coral/anemone creatures is to inject food directly into their extended feeding polyps or extensions.

The extensions also house stinging cells, more obvious when observed on the flesh of the tentacles of anemones.

All corals/anemones have stinging cells and a sticky surface on board, some weak some very strong, but all corals/anemones can feed on the same foods once in the aquarium!

You can feed them incidentally via foods added to the aquarium as most hobbyists do; the best way to give a good feed to these very primitive forms of life is with the use of a small funnel and flexible tubing!

Have the clear pvc piping at a length from the surface of your aquarium to the bottom, shove the small funnel into the end of it.

Sit the pipe over the coral/anemone,(do not touch the creature) have some home made fish food in a small cup, pour it into the funnel, (slowly) to not upset the coral/anemone, than fill the cup again with tank water and pour it into the funnel and watch the food get pushed along until it goes into the coral/anemones extensions.

This achieved one to three times a day if you can, will make your coral/anemone thrive beyond the average.

If some foods with in the mix are not suited to the creature, it will expel the ones not wanted and others along the line will eat it.

These creatures like it fresh!!!!!!! So after thawing, use it for them for no longer than two days after thawing.

The salt you ad to your food before freezing is essential!!!

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