Tube worms/xmas tree worms/polychaeta found near Brisbane in SEQ.

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Tube worms/xmas tree worms/polychaeta found near Brisbane in SEQ.

Post  liquidg on 5th December 2011, 11:37 am

A close up of the feather structure of the tropical sabellidae soft tubed feather duster worm.

The worm in these pics is a nearly formed via Asexual means sabellidae .

This is easily done by a hobbyist by locating the tube worm in the tube and cutting with scissors through the tube roughly 15 mill from the end of the worm.

This cut should not go completely through the worm, just three quarters of the way across the worm’s body.

Leave the tube worm alone for a day or two and this is what you will find in the end of the tube, a newly formed tube worm with the begining of the its feather duster head beginning to form.

Leave the worm some where safe from predators on coral rubble or over small stones and after a week of heavy feeding to the waters it will be ready to place on its own near by.

After two weeks it will be fine to live some where safely as it will now have  a reasonable tube of its own.

Now with a tube.

Underwater pics of the diverse family polychaeta,firstly the soft tubed tropical sabellidae.

A video of yellow tube worms

Local coco worm

Colonising form of sabellidae.

These are all temperate forms of sabellidae tubeworms that are endemic to east Australia only; they do not do well much above 25c.

The serpulidae hard calcium tubed xmas tree worm colours common in the south east.

A close up of the feather structure with in the tropical hard (calcium) tubed feather duster worm.

These are from part of the family polychaeta called serpulidae.

White calcium tubed, tube worm

A pic of the tubes.

A juvenile xmas tree worm establishing its spot to live in the sps.

Adult xmas tree worms and juveniles making what's called, xmas tree rock.
The pink blotches are juveniles making there home in the sps.


Myxicola infundibulum- fan worms

Possibly a form of filogranella elatensis

Worms retracted.

close up


mostly open

Video of a section of these calcium tubed worm communities

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