Dotty back-Ogilbyina Novaehollandiae-east auzy endemic multicolour,transition its transition to adult.

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Dotty back-Ogilbyina Novaehollandiae-east auzy endemic multicolour,transition its transition to adult.

Post  liquidg on 19th December 2011, 7:08 am

This species of fish is called a multicolour dotty back, the multicolour meaning colour variations comes from being seen at different stages of transition, which is to a very dark grey/green!

The information to date is wrong in that each one is their own colouration, they have had their pictures taken at varied stages of change, thatís why they labelled it multicolour!

In the wild I have observed the same individuals refrain from changing as there is a morphed example already close by and they donít tolerate each other well.

I caught the dark one to see how fast another would change to replace it, two months it took for the change to be completely dark in colouration.

From my observations, two tried the transition at that time and the other one not quite there yet, dissapeared at just over the half way mark, the other one beat it!

The variation in colours seems to be where they are at in their transition and as it lingers between stages, the very dark colouration seems to hover at a dark green, as they hang on until it can morph safely to become,possibly the opposite sex.

They are interesting to observe their community at work, the pink/red ones are not to bad if a dark one is part of their community.

Once another one turns into a dark dotty back as well, the original dark one can be a bit nasty to other up and coming dark ones trying to morph and they can be full on killers of each other.

This is my dotty back living in a tub to show its changes over time as i take a pic roughly each month of it.

Sadly the power outage in 2013 from cyclone Oswald took it and I was not able to complete the pics of its complete change to a black fish with a blue rim.

This is it first collected in October 2011 then a pic roughly each month or when I remembered as it changes.














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