Caring for your snorkelling and scuba gear.

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Caring for your snorkelling and scuba gear.

Post  Admin on 7th April 2009, 4:03 pm

Firstly never leave your gear in the sun or allow harsh chemicals to make contact with it.

All gear should be washed when you get it home, if need be scrub the front of the wetsuit with a sponge hot water and dishwashing detergent and than put some very warm water in to a bucket/tub and add some fabric softener and soak each item of gear in it, starting with your knife and leave it in there than place your fin straps ends of your fins in it.

Next, rinse your wetsuit in it, inside and out, than leave it inside out for drying and storage.

Now the water is cooling more and more with each item you can now rinse your mask, snorkel and than scuba gear.

Never let moisture get into the first stage of your regs.

Rinse off scuba tank, hold your thumb over the exit of the tank valve and spray WD 40 or similar all over the valve.

I have continental shoe fins from the sixties that were cared for like this and they are still like new.

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