Cheap fuel in the Redlands/Birkdale.

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Cheap fuel in the Redlands/Birkdale.

Post  liquidg on 28th December 2011, 10:10 am

This servo isnít just hanging onto the cheaper prices today, which is not what this is about!

For a while now I have found this places fuel 4 to 6 cents cheaper than all other servos in the area, so I asked the guy today why so cheap, he more or less said, because he wants to, plus he said his supplier gives him a great deal, so he passes it on!

So after God was mentioned once or twice which is funny as I donít believe at all, I asked him if he would mind if I put it on the forum for other locals to know where to get cheap fuel most days, he runs a business of course he said yes.

So its up to you locals if you want what seems to be reliable cheap fuel!

You go down Old Cleveland road into Birkdale road and its just before the big round about into quarry road on the left.

A little two fuel bowser corner store type of thing,they seem like nice genuine people and i like to support anything genuine,because i trust very little!

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