snorkelling easter monday

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snorkelling easter monday Empty snorkelling easter monday

Post  Admin on 11th April 2009, 1:39 am

Who ever is coming on the collecting trip on monday,make sure you contact Danny or myself for details.

We are not sure until sunday arvo as to where are the best conditions,so be organised.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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snorkelling easter monday Empty i wil be late

Post  carmen on 12th April 2009, 2:28 pm

I hope someone sees this as i dont have any of your numbers with me at my friends place. Embarassed
We are coming as well like i said,we will be around thirty mins late.
Don't wait there for us we will find you and get in where you are when we see you all.
You can't miss Danny's wet suit! Smile

PS,we are going on scuba,new camera,if we can't find you for some reason we will go in near the car park and catch up later,we will be out and you will all be still in for sure.


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