Sharks on east Aus coast.

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Sharks on east Aus coast.

Post  cetacean- on 17th April 2009, 1:42 am

The foolish comments recently made on a TV special, may end up being down right dangerous for the general public from a marine expert.

A special recently on sharks and the dismissal of their increased numbers was certainly interesting, to say the least!

Is it that hard to understand that from the time the great whites were put on the protected list and available food for them has increased through no fishing zones and marine parks, that these are prosperous times for the white pointers and other sharks and will have a lot of success with the survival rate of, not just them selves,but their off spring as well?

The adults that are there already, their offspring, possibly mature enough to breed now or in the recent past and in 4 to 6 years their off spring will be of a size that will present a danger to use and then breed.

That equates to three generations plus, the first here 6 years back in unknown possibly small numbers, the second, a high survival rate, the next an equally high survival rate, possibly even better.

These are simple facts with in nature, just look at the rabbit as only a miniscule example of the capacity of nature to reproduce, do these experts think these amazingly well made eating machines breed like us, not a chance!

They have thousands and thousands of open kilometres of ocean to carry out there reproduction.

These animals have been around for millions of years and still survive in the same form, I doubt that we will still be the same or even here in the same time frame as they have achieved.

My time of enjoying that incredibly beautiful thing called the ocean is not that much longer, the others coming after me to enjoy the ocean will be at a far greater risk than I ever was, soon it will be a regular occurrence for someone to be attacked and possibly killed, than through public demand, it will all have to be returned to the past ways or attain a balance, after those families had to loose their loved ones to non common sense, idiotic academics that control the governments decision making and our safety.

Why do so many people have to suffer in order for someone in power to start thinking with that brain we were endowed with, that is part of what makes us as the most dominant species on the planet.


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