Free dive trip Sunday 28th April.

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Free dive trip Sunday 28th April.

Post  liquidg on 30th April 2012, 1:20 pm

A top start to a day that was thought to be just as bad as Saturday, discusting!

We met at just after sunrise and found a wonderful day with quite clear and warm water.

A few went home early and four of us persisted and the water just got clearer,better than it has been for a very long time.

We were in the water for just over seven and a half hours, boy were we tired!

Out of the 487 photos taken, what follows is all that can fit with out making the thread a mile long,lol.

The guys appreciating the immense variations of life forms here as we swam along.

This is the sun rise we had.

Shark tails,this is a bit sus,5 dog sharks and a wobby,just friends.

Dog sharks are so common in the south east.

A few of the 30 or so Clown fish here and there.

A tiger flat head with a happy moment for dinner.

Cone shell fish eating another shell fish.

Algae eating worm, this one was over three metres long.

General pics

This scorpion fish family member is hard to see.

Caledonian stinger-inimicus caledonicus,hidden in sand waiting for a goat fish I scared away, no dinner!

The stinger encouraged from the sand.

Two examples of the tube worms there.

A nice coral or two.

Some of the many fish there on the day.

A full sized lemon peel dwarf angel,no good for reef tanks.

There were quite a few long nose found at the second last site,fun to chase!

There were possibly hundreds of young copper bands there.

A blenny face in the macro algae

This little dice box was held just for a pic.

A sea cucumber a little upset at being touched.

This one just looks obscene.

The sunset as we finished a very good day.

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