Puffers and box fishfound near Brisbane in SEQ .

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Puffers and box fishfound near Brisbane in SEQ .

Post  liquidg on 13th May 2012, 4:13 pm

No puffers or box fish are suited to the average reef aquarium.
They eat potentialy any shrimp,crabs,tube worms,feather seas stars and the larger puffers may crunch corals.

Canthigaster valentini.

Ostracion meleagris-juvenile.

Canthisgaster coronata.

Canthigaster callisterna.

Canthigaster bennetii.

Ostracion cubicus.

Arothron nigropunctatus.

Arothon meleagris.

Arothron stellatus.

Arothron hispidus.

Diodon holocanthus.
Very common in SEQ and all of the mid areas of east Aus coast line.

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