Wet suit pocket for camera and scabbard for dive knife.

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Wet suit pocket for camera and scabbard for dive knife.

Post  liquidg on 23rd May 2012, 7:59 am

This is just in case some other divers like to have better control of their knife, camera and other things we take with us when scuba or free diving.

The first two pics are of my custom wetsuit pocket and scabbard that I have always used for knife, glove and what ever.

I am sure many others have used this style of pockets as such attached to the wet suit.

The way I did away with the need for custom made pockets for each wet suit is make them to go from wet suit to wet suit, I have been using them for nearly two years now with total success.

Velcro to hold pockets up.
Originally I stitched the Velcro opposite onto the wet suit and found it very hard to get them off after the dives, so I left on the male(spiky) part of the Velcro and it holds the pockets up now with only very slight fluffing to the wetsuit where the Velcro makes contact.

Pocket for camera or what ever.
I use a canon 220 ixus.

Wet suit knife scabbard.

Hopefully this helps some one; I like its convenience, no straps to break and quick access to camera or knife!

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