Lighting to reduce fish stress and wrasse life style.

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Lighting to reduce fish stress and wrasse life style.

Post  liquidg on 16th June 2012, 1:34 am

All coris wrasse hide in the oceans substrate as do most other wrasse, not so much tusk and parrot fish.

They have a small area of territory near their sand home and that makes it easier to catch them when they dive for the sand.
You just scoop the sand, get rid of the sand and they are collected!

The hammer head sharks and some others have hyper senses in the nose to detect the wrasse in the sand at night and shovel them out and they are history.

All fish use muscles for heartbeat, breathing, all these functions require muscle use and muscles are activated by electrical impulses in the fish, the sharks can sense this action.

Just another fear that fish have to endure as the lay in wait for morning-light to come.

One other reason my fish are able to swim around with light 24 hours a day.

Not photosynthetic light for their night time, just enough light to see all thatís around them.

If they wont full light, at the back of the tank they some times congregate as the light is full on directed at the back of my tank for them.

No stress,less chance of white spot, healthy fish!!!


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