Seahorse tank set up!!

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Seahorse tank set up!!

Post  straddy boy on 17th June 2012, 12:25 pm

My first seahorse tank
My wife has always wanted a seahorse tank after a long search on eBay a suitable seahorse tank was spotted. We bidded on the tank and won lucky me!!!
There was no excuse now not to have seahorses as our new family pet.
I have taken some photos as the tank is being set up. I thought I would share the different stages of its development.
At this present time the tank is still in the nitrogen cycle. I will supply more photos as the tank progresses over the following weeks.
Currently there are not seahorses or fish in the tank. However, I have started to grown racemosa to reduce the phosphate levels in the tank.
More updates and picture to follow!!!!

My complete seahorse tank with 50 % of cool white and 50 % royal blue LED lights on. I currently have the chiller temperature set at 22 degrees.

Royal blue LED lights only on.

Cool white LED lights only on.

Full cool white LED lights on to encougage racemosa to grow.

Full royal blue LED lights on to encougage the racemosa to grow.

The filtration is a aquia 1500 litre canster filter , with a 100 micron filter sock to stop any particals from entering the filter system.

Racemosa growing assist in controling the phosphate levels in the tank. Plus in the background is the filter sock .

The royal blue / cool white LED lights set up, completed by nice club member. The lights are all 3 watt Bridgelux with 60 oc optics.

The fan and drivers for the LED lights.

A dimmer switch was added so the lights be ajusted to have all white or all blue or both on at the same time in the tank.

A lot more racemosa and other seaweed add to the tank for the controling the phosphate all colected on our last low tide trip.

added 4 seahorses in to the tank plus 2 pipe fish.

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Re: Seahorse tank set up!!

Post  finfan on 24th June 2012, 11:41 am

Looks great mate

Can't wait to see it decked out with the horses etc will be a cool looking tank set up !


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Re: Seahorse tank set up!!

Post  liquidg on 24th June 2012, 12:33 pm

I concur with ignobolis,should be great to sea it with horse roaming wild,lol.

Nice tank mate!


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Re: Seahorse tank set up!!

Post  fishnthings on 8th July 2012, 7:19 am

Nice tank Straddy Boy .
How many can you have for a tank that size
Will you collect these around your area or buy ? Can't wait to see them.


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Re: Seahorse tank set up!!

Post  kindcorals on 11th July 2012, 3:37 am

Very cool! My girlfriend keeps asking me to setup a tank like this too but I dont want to until we move to QLD. Im curious what kind you will keep in there and if you can find those locally to collect. I cant wait to see how it turns out!


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Re: Seahorse tank set up!!

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