Advanced algae mangement,every where,lol!!!

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Advanced algae mangement,every where,lol!!!

Post  liquidg on 29th June 2012, 4:13 pm

My passion with the hobby over the last 8 years, has been algae,all completed now!

For me there had to be an algae combo that would complete what a combination of land plants can achieve, importing and conversion of all toxins and nutrients, but in the aquarium!

It maybe a little messy looking to some, for sure, but there is no way with what is pushed at hobbyists that you would believe what all this mess achieves!

Algae area out side of the tank that needs trimming each 10 to 12 days.

Algae over the live rock between corals, plus that needs edging once a week!

Algae/corallines and other life forms all over the glass floor of my nano,they need trimming once each month or so.

All of the algae forms I use I put back into the system as mulch, sought of and comprises one and a half times my tanks surface area in total.

There has to be more then two forms to work together osmotically absorbing and converting what each individual algae is suited to in relation to varied nutrients and toxins.

They are in the tank and out of the tank to achieve this amount of algae content in the aquariums waters to give the aquarium pristine water quality always, with no skimmer or water changes.

I feed the waters iodine halogen complex, high quality marine sediment that I collect, a home made fish food mix and the algae trimmings killed and left in a bag in the water as they break down and reintroduce its photosynthesised content and the nitrite cycling algae flesh as it is broken down.

I never get sick of what non mainstream algae management can provide for the reef aquariums longevity and only a little maintenance to not bother with anything most have to do and use.

No phosphates, no nitrates and so on and so on, love what amazing water quality the algaeís when used properly combined with some horticulture ways can provide for your hobby.

Another experiment about to happen soon, hopefully I donít loose anything, manuka honey used this way has not been done as far as I know, I donít like the vodka dosing ways, itís a not natural enough for me to value.

I get bored with the hobby so easily once something is completed successfully, the photosynthetic water purifying tests took 8 years to get here, the next out come will be much quicker I hope,lol,maybe more deaths coming before another success arrives???

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