Gear Used For Collection

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Gear Used For Collection

Post  Gatorzone19 on 6th May 2009, 4:01 am

Hi, I live in Florida in the United States. I have collected queen angels, french angels, grey angels, Atlantic Blue Tangs, Coral Banded Shrimp, and many more species. I use a hand net that has clear monofilament for the net. I was wondering what types of gear you use to collect your fish. Thanks For Your Time!


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Post  Admin on 6th May 2009, 4:32 am

For out wide we can use fine netting like three eighth mono for the larger hand nets and very fine for the smaller creatures.

In the tidle areas we have to use no smaller than 25 mil stretched hole netting in the hand nets.

A net in a fence style and cast nets we can use the smaller mono in the tidle areas.

We use containers made from drink bottles housed in a scaler bag with a slip tie for storage as we go along and the modified containers are excelent as closing traps for small species or inverts as well.

we have used lots of other methods but this is great for current and swell affected areas and allows lots of traveing to different spots,excelent compactness and ease of storage.

Some of the guys use a cast net to drop it over a section of reef as they swim along and scare the fish into it.

In NSW its all different as you can collect there on scuba and use fine net all over out side marine queensland we can collect on snorkel in marine parks,with some limitations.

I am very envious of the queen angel catching,love those fish,the juvenile has to be the prettiest of all fish to me.

Good to have you on here mate,we would love to here about yours or anyones collecting adventures,everything and anything would be good to read,the queen angel collecting is already amazing.


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