You guys are so lucky

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You guys are so lucky Empty You guys are so lucky

Post  roy s on 10th May 2009, 7:23 am

I have been watching the threads on two forums about your activities and also on your forum. Shocked
I wish i lived over there and could join in on the clubs activities,the pictures are so great that describe the trips,i check each day to see if there is anything different.
On the home page of your website there is mention of a diving page for your state,coming soon i think it said,WHATS THAT ABOUT?
Is the club going into something else and has my mate joined yet, i haven't herd from him in a while?
Very Happy

roy s

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You guys are so lucky Empty hi mate

Post  latzlover on 10th May 2009, 2:57 pm

hey i told you last time we spoke i had a new contract.
I hope work slows down soon and i can back into the tank phosphate removing project.
You know i am not good in the water Sad
I'll let these guys do it with out me,i'm not into clubs anyway.
I will send an email and pics of the new job site on wednesday,i go home early.


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