Coral fragging,spike style.

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Coral fragging,spike style.

Post  liquidg on 2nd September 2012, 11:35 am

I havenít done this in over 25 years, the last times were with silicon and 8 out of 10 back then were glass spikes attached to the glass and the holes drilled in the back of the corals and push them onto the glass spikes and they grow onto the glass.

For this type of spike fragging, firstly you would have drilled holes in your live rock with a slightly counter sunk top to the hole and the holes should go right through the live or base rock.

The masonary drill bit should be from 7 mill up in size to accommodate tube worms and a reasonable thickness to these coral spikes for gluing in.

Make quite a few of these so you can push in some sponges, tubeworms, algae and of course the coral fraggs, the holes hold these in place as they attach and the corals you apply glue to the coral spike as it goes into the hole.

The diamond blade angle grinder is ready for shaping the spike on the coral.

The base of a stony coral ready for shaping.

Shaped and ready for glue and placing in a hole in the rock,try to make sure the spike is rogh and uneven in shape,that will hold the coral in far better.

Dry and wipe the spike properly with tissue and apply the fragg glue.

This fagging is in two parts with this way.
Firstly you drill a short hole in the back of the coral its self and glue in a small shaft of old dead stag coral.
This one was done 11 months ago, but it can be done then sit the coral in the aquarium and the next day once the glue is fully hardened carry out the shaping with the grinder and glue in the spike into the hole you wish to use in the rock.

Corals glued in and finished.
These ones had attached in the top tank and I had to cut them off and then do the spike fraging with them to now be in the invert tank.

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Re: Coral fragging,spike style.

Post  finfan on 2nd September 2012, 2:14 pm

Cool- Fragging is the future in our hobby I think.....

I beleive that the more we can learn and suceed the better - I look forward to your progress.....

Should go well with your tanks consistancy in Temp, filteration and lighting...

As soon as I get the sump sorted I will be modelling a SPS, LPS tank with the same concept as yours - man I am impressed with how good that looks.... cheers

As such, I will have a few fish up for adoption soon, I will need to retire the 3 smaller tanks and replace them with a new custom 2.5 ft x 2 x 1.8....will be fun...LED and new chiller - all running off the new sump....




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