After collecting,spearfishing,or scuba,cleaning your gear!!!

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After collecting,spearfishing,or scuba,cleaning your gear!!! Empty After collecting,spearfishing,or scuba,cleaning your gear!!!

Post  liquidg on 28th October 2012, 3:58 am

I have always done this with my gear and some of it is from the 70s and still works great.

Guys when you get home I hope you rinse off your gear with tap water then fabric softener!

For use spearos,do this with the spear gun mechanism then rubber then leave it in the fridge then it will last for many years that way.

If you donít then get one of your collecting buckets, half fill with hot tap water and add a little cold water so you are just able to hold your hand in it.

Rinse off the gear with the hose or in the shower where I normally do it.

Add a small cup of cheap fabric softener and stir,now its ready.

Take it to that bucket and firstly sit the strap end of your fins in it, the rest of the fin is of no concern, just the strap end or heal end of shoe fins, move them around, the heat will allow the softener to get into to the surface of the material, or at least as far as the salt water got in any way of the rubber or silicon.

Then your knife, then wet suit, the wetty may have had pee in it,lol,who would do that,this will send the neoprene hard and weaken it over time.

Most all gear done, now the last should be the mask and snorkel as they should have vents, these vents will be ruined by to hot of water and by the time you get to them, especially the wet suit, it all should have dropped the waters temp ready for them in the bucket.

Last should be, if you went for a scuba, the BC and especially inflator valve, make sure the first stage in has it cover done up, then regs and then turn the tank up side down and sit the valve in after all gear was washed by tap water first.

For cameras, I use near cold water and add softener and let it soak the sealed casing for a couple of hours and wipe and all done till next time.

Your gear will last far longer and for scuba far longer between reg and valve services

One more thing with scuba, you have a burst disk in your tank valve and moving components, spray some WD40 or similar on the valve area holding your thumb over the valve exit, it doesnít breath well if it gets in there, yuk,then wipe it all off.

All good. cheers

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