Algae seeding a reef tank.

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Algae seeding a reef tank.

Post  liquidg on 8th November 2012, 10:35 am

Just putting a bit of my passion around the place again,algae,lol.

This is on seeding the tank with algae,decorative non-invasive algae species.

The non invasive are the ones that grow quite slowly and are nearly useless for scrubbing your waters of nutrients and of course why would you want any that are not quite colourful in the display tank any way.

This is about some of those types of algae.

The conditions needed are quite diverse and some hobbyists have these conditions already going on for a seeding to work nicely in their aquarium.

These life forms are essentially plants and need conditions for plants to grow and thrive, unlike land plants that derive most of their needs from the soil and only some of their needs from the air that surrounds them and the rain.

Firstly the rain contains a great deal of naturally occurring nitrate which upon entering the soil goes through the nitrite cycle as in an aquarium to reach nitrogen and the plants favour this a great deal and need it, thatís mainly why the grass and most plants are looking good not long after rain.

The next is the soil and in the aquarium, that equates to the water they live in.
The marine algae osmotically imports the water and its contents through every part of it into its cells that are made up in such a way that they rarely absorb what will harm them.

So for top growth you need intense varied colour lighting, nitrogen and abundant non toxic nutrients, these are just a few of the algae needs but are the most important for good growth and for the invasive types, excellent importing onto the neutralising and conversion of nutrients!

The ones going for the cut.

This is the heavily stressed algae forms cut up with scissors.

Where arrows are or where you can see fluorescent orange,thatís the algae getting going.

This is the last one I did from first seen growing to now.

Soon after finding it.


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