Phylidia elegans a nasty nudi rendered not so nasty.

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Phylidia elegans a nasty nudi rendered not so nasty.

Post  liquidg on 12th November 2012, 12:57 pm

These mimics are a beautiful nudi and their main diet is sponges, which is sustainable for me due to the many types of sponges we see on collecting trips so I can provide lots for it.

They get stored in one of the tubs and added every now and then, not the toxic types though or the nudi will use its toxins.

This one has to be put in the top tank due to the concentration of toxins and foul scent they give off continually.

As before I will not allow it the types of sponges it will use to recreate those toxins in the aquarium as a defence,which will render it harmless to corals.

These ones donít eat corals, they poison the tank over all, your more delicate life forms, like symbiotic types.

I have always wanted to be able to keep a couple of phylidia elegans and others safely,because before i have killed the tank life with them and with the help of algae,now I can!

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