Reverse osmosis for my reef tanks and for health.

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Reverse osmosis for my reef tanks and for health.

Post  liquidg on 14th November 2012, 4:16 am

I got my old clunker up and running today,new coconut carbon cartridge and an even finer sediment cartridge then before and a new membrane for the RO part of it,$145 just for that, now I know why I stopped using filtered water in 2004.

The main reason I put it back together an dgot the best cartridges was we have had three times now where our local eater has tasted like chlorine,yuk and it wont hurt to get the sps even healthier.

Its just going through its 4 hours flush and then ready to go.

Itís not like the more modern smaller types but it will take out just as much if not more then the smaller type and even at 1.1 it has a high out put.

Now I am back to being part of the in crowd again,lol,no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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