Saturday 15th of the Decmeber 2012 free dive-tube worms

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Saturday 15th of the Decmeber 2012 free dive-tube worms

Post  liquidg on 16th December 2012, 12:30 am

Only two of us went on this one, which is a shame as the weather was fantastic.

We had clear enough water at a dirty 30 foot to a clean 12 feet vis with around 23c-24c temps.

What I came for and what Danny wanted was what we got more or less and as usual had a great time in the ocean.

The seas were quite rough but the sediment didnít kill of the vis the completely.

The sized surf there.

The surface showed things were really stirred up.

As always there were a million of these around.

I think this is the same one following us around last time here,lol.

A dinner sized flat head

There goes dinner,lol.

Clean up crew snails in the millions.

The prettiest of all feather sea stars, red and silver.

One of my favourite sea creatures.

This new season cleaner wrasse is just †8 mill long.

There are so many banded shrimp this season under each second rock there was a pair and not many singles due to low predator levels from the rain event at the start of the year that wiped out the shrimp back then as well.

An oyster species we see regularly.

The Auz east coast endemic temperate tube worms that I wanted that will all die once the ocean hits 25c,as it is each year.

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