Growth of marine aquarium fish,restricting this!

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Growth of marine aquarium fish,restricting this!

Post  liquidg on 31st December 2012, 9:16 am

To achieve the best results these need to be applied.

Fish need to be juveniles to begin with allowing them to adapt to this process.

The aquarium has to be stable and free of any other stresses beyond the fish’s natural instincts that will keep it under a minor amount of stress.

The aquarium should not have a substrate.

There should be zero ammonia-nitrite and nitrate.

The types of fish that this will work with are angel fish, tangs, wrasse, clown fish and generally most types that require a small territory to exist in.

This is best not tried with predators; it is quite hard to hold back their growth rate.

The idea for this came from seeing a massive range of imported fish through dealings with a wholesaler on the north side of Brisbane in the 1980s.

Quite often this wholesaler would receive adult colour and shape wrasse, angelfish, clown fish, tangs, many types and they were at times one quarter the book size of what they should be at that cooler and shape.

So from this I have carried out many times over the years the reduction in size of a full adult in many species.

This time I worked on a clown coris wrasse and a lemon peel mimic pyroferus tang.

I caught the fish in April 2011 and began the acclimatization to low protein foods and small sized pieces and portions as well.

I run them in temps of  20c to 24c,no higher, to slow down their metabolism as well.

This is the wrasse and mimic in April 2011.

In October 2011.

December 2012
They have grown less then 10 mil in this time.

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