Last minute free dive by boat.

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Last minute free dive by boat.

Post  liquidg on 19th January 2013, 11:55 am

This one was near cancelled, then opened up again due to Dave wanting to take his son out to see what we always rave on two of us tagged along.

The conditions were extremely dangerous with the strongest current I have seen at this site in over 30 years.

There Is no way the strongest swimmer could get back to the boat if they missed it as they came past.

There was no swell,25c water temps and a little clearish here and there.

This was the day.

Nice weather.

The hideous current.

Several leopards to see.

Always a turtle around.

A few general pics.

These dots are fish, there were countless numbers and they made the water milky here and there.

Another red decorator crab, thatís the largest bit of red on the edge of the bubble anemone.

Many new season amphiprions to be seen.

A couple of breeders.

This silly latezonatus thinks it is hidden.

Two of my fav algae.

Some lovely corals to see.

This cocky comb wrasse actually bumped the camera once.

Dinner in the distance,lol.

The only potentially fatale lion fish the antennatta.

These are such cute sweet lip juveniles.

† † † † † †

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Re: Last minute free dive by boat.

Post  aussieguyone on 20th January 2013, 12:37 pm

look at that lionfish what a gem i wish i had one like that Razz

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Re: Last minute free dive by boat.

Post  mykez on 21st January 2013, 8:06 am

Have to say the south seas and now the clown wrasse are my two favorite fish. Man that one looks fantastic with full adult colour!!
thanks for sharing.

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Re: Last minute free dive by boat.

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