Not all damsels are nasty.

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Not all damsels are nasty.

Post  liquidg on 28th February 2013, 11:31 am

I have two damsels together as an experiment as usual. One with a bad rep and the other with a rep for being near harmless, well all the ones I have had to do with over all these years were.
The starki and the jewel are proving that very pretty damsels can get on and give the tank some great colour.
They have been together for nearly 2 months in the tub and in the tank for a week and get on great.
The starki I have had for over a year and the jewel settled in the same day I collected it and actually gets picked on a little by my pyroferus tang.

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Re: Not all damsels are nasty.

Post  finfan on 28th February 2013, 1:44 pm

Sure is a nice looking fish that jewel....absolute beauty

Personally I love the damsel fish of all types, and have broken all the rules with what is compatible and what's not - I currently have 2 tiny big scale damsels living with 2 blue and 2 Fiji - along with a yellow tail and they all get on fine....a little bit of ego at dinner time but otherwise they all make there little homes in a particular spot and keep to themselves.... cheers

Great fish -lovem



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