We are loosing our corals.

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We are loosing our corals.

Post  liquidg on 1st March 2013, 7:25 am

Coral reefs have stopped growing (Science Alert)

Itís a shame but inevitable and its been showing for over 30 years that many of us old school divers combined collectors and hobbyists have seen it increase over that length of time.
All reefs with in a reasonably short distance from the equator are doomed, wether it be completely or to some degree.
From our over population there is no hope, because there is no end in sight of this slowing down at all.
They will eventually need to start looking at the correlation between global warming, and then earths diminishing oxygen levels, the oceans tropical waters subsequent increasing acidity and the decreasing percentage of phytoplankton.
Acidity co2 absorption into the seawaters inhibits the very function that this article is about and algae based life do far more to keep the oceans functioning properly beyond just conditioning our atmosphere by 60 percent at one time.
At the start of the 1900s they believe the ocean was still assisting with up to 60 percent of earths produced co2, this was achieved from importing by algae species (Phytoplankton), and as a bi product of their photosynthesis, these invaluable creatures at one time, gave us the same amount of our oxygen needs.
Land vegetation losses by us and this oceans algae variations loosing ground to higher ocean temps caused by us, have taken 30 percent of earths oxygen in the last 100 years, does any one really think thatís all that is coming from that.
Its interesting to see the reports as the oceans corals go down, this is why we try so fruitlessly to protect them in ways that have no affect at all!
They are called marine parks or translated-a place to make the public think that we the government actually know anything or even give a toss.

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