Low tide walk Tues day arvo 03/13

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Low tide walk Tues day arvo 03/13

Post  liquidg on 14th March 2013, 10:56 am

What a wonderful surprise, the massive rains and rough seas affected virtually nothing of the area we went to catch a few peppermint shrimps, snails and general clean up crew. The boxer shrimp were mostly decimated by the low salinity due to their foods being wiped but by this and of course any sps of any quality is dead in large numbers as well.
Over all we found that there was substantial life making it past these recent events.

Some areas havenít completely recovered yet,a bit of cyano around.

Many sea cucumbers out feeding this late in the day.

Sadly this was one of the first observations.
It was quite dead!

A nice coloured nudibranch of a poisonous variety, but still quite colourful.

The infamous smooth waters taxifolia.

A young doreensis sand anemone.

Plenty of goniopora to bee seen on the walk.

This one is stressed by the low salinity recently.

A few colour variations of the cyphastrea serailia.

Some of the zoanthids seen.

Some general coral pics.

Not many plate acropora survived the rains.

A few acan colours.

These are mainly brain corals.

Millions of lysmata vittata,I canít say female because the lysmata is both male and female,lol.

Lots of tasty looking blue swimmers around.

This one is empty.

This is around a foot across,hiding in the sand.

He wants a cuddle,lol.

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Re: Low tide walk Tues day arvo 03/13

Post  Makaira on 15th March 2013, 4:19 am

wow, time to get the boots on again it seems, great photos G

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Re: Low tide walk Tues day arvo 03/13

Post  Simon51 on 15th March 2013, 9:31 am

Wow those pictures came up awesome.
I got stuck in gateway traffic and didn't get home till 7 but everything survived. didn't make the meeting will see ya's at next one.


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Re: Low tide walk Tues day arvo 03/13

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