Leslie Harrison Dam in Capalaba to open for swimmers and fishermen.

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Leslie Harrison Dam in Capalaba to open for swimmers and fishermen.

Post  liquidg on 16th March 2013, 1:21 am

How amazing is that, this is a huge thing for the Redlands and any where with in 20 klms.
Local land prices will soar as well.
We will have a place with a massive expanse of freshwater to swim in, surf ski, out rigger training, fishing and paddling around the place enjoying a swim on a stinking hot day, just down the road for me any way.
I remember going in there in the late 70s for a paddle on my surf ski not realising you could not use it.
A local came over and said what the rules were and I was amazed, this dam is off limits to swimming, what idiot though of that.
Brisbaneís drinking water supply has water skiing and all thatís great to do in the water.
I thought the Redlands must have been run by a simpleton, so each time I would drive past the dam to work on a hot day, until reading the local paper today, it would still amaze me that this expanse of water is semi useless.
The end of the year when it comes to pass that we can swim there, I for one will be getting in nice and early with my surf ski for some exercise.

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