Great aquarium bare glass floor algae

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Great aquarium bare glass floor algae

Post  liquidg on 28th March 2013, 11:56 am

I was just on reef central looking to see if the guys over there could belay my concerns as to what this algae was. I thought it was a sea lettuce after realising it was not hair algae.I havenít had hair algae in maybe 20 years or so in a display tank. I like a second opinion on many things. I had it just getting going in a tank as we lost power to the last cyclone and it croaked, except the small amount that survived in my tubs. From that it is going mad in the invert tank, which is great, so easy to control! This is one of my algae that are a strong importer of nutrients and these algae are very edible for us and many reef creatures as well. Itís actually classed as a form of nori.
It is part of the large group of enteromorpha,sea lettuce.
This is it.

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