Phytoplankton culture

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Phytoplankton culture

Post  fergo on 30th March 2013, 6:02 am

OK as promised some info and photos of my photoplankton culture

Once you obtain your photo culture (thanks Dr Snell) - you add the culture to salt water to a receptacle. I have mine outside where it gets morning sun. It does not require air bubbles or anything else just food.

Ok now for food, i use Aquasol liquid plant fertiliser, pretty much any fertiliser will do but this is what Dr Snell uses and so do i.

So you mix up 1 tsp with some water and add it to the bucket or what ever and your culture. 1tsp should feed your culture for about a month, and it should go nice and green.

I harvest this by using a separate container to tip the green water into my rotifer and brine shrimp culture

you can also add this culture to your tank if you wish to feed corals, and filter feeders

top the bucket up with more salt water as needed but keep an eye on your salinity every now and again.

As you can see if i have two cultures going so if one crashes i have reserves.

If anyone would like a culture starter i am happy to bring it along to a meeting sometime as this was the agreement with Dr Snell for the cultures to start with.

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