Caulerpa taxifolia,new variation?

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Caulerpa taxifolia,new variation?

Post  liquidg on 30th March 2013, 12:46 pm

With in my algae area for the importing of nutrients and subsequent balancing of these nutrients has been an interesting development!
Not long after setting up this area I had two major mishaps in 2011 and virtually wiped out the racemosa algae I use.
Out of desperation, on a club collecting trip I collected some surge zone taxifolia from the area on the sunshine coast where it was first discovered in the late 70s by a research group to get at least some importing going as I had no idea how incredible the local form of racemosa was going become.
Amongst the taxifolia new forms of it appeared and were quite different to the original and after a few months they remained in place and the same shape even as I trimmed them as with all my algae.
I separated the ones on sections of the main stem, removing the original forms to place this new form on its own.
Now itís completed becoming an individual and has not reverted back to what it was! So now this new form is starting to take over its corner of the algae area. It is tough, very aggressive at growth and is more rigid then its former self.
To prove it is a new form of taxifolia,I will have to con someone into a gene test that hopefully Jeff at the Q museum can organise. Or if I pay the associate for the herbarium I have conversed with, or she may be interested her self in what it really is.
She is the one that passed on the information about the original form of taxifolia that comes from Auz that geneticists from her group have proved also that its variant is infesting the world. It appears that the original mutated in sewerage affected waters on the sunshine coast. Now it is semi new pest through out the world, put there by ships ballasts!
These ships park in wait to be guided into Moreton bay, just off shore from where this form of caulerpa was first discovered!
Needless to say until I find out if it is of the same genetic code, it is disposed of properly!

This is it.

These are not stunted or in any way immature, this is at each forms largest size.

The numbers are, for 1 it is the original taxifolia,then 2 is the form that is infecting the world, then 3 is the one that came to pass in my alga area and is doing very well.

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