Easter Dive and low tide walks.

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Easter Dive and low tide walks.

Post  liquidg on 1st April 2013, 9:54 am

The pics that follow are from two low tide walks and one free dive-collecting trip.
These are the pics from our free diving trip the same day as ignobolis, they just turned up as we finished.

It was an early start.

Smooth water on the way out.

A friendly stonefish to greet us.

What a face.

One 7 foot wobbegong with a 9 footer below.

Some black-green tubastrea around.

This sting ray thinks it canít be seen,lol.

No one wanted this soap fish, this pic is for reference section.

There were billions of prawns at this site, one sweep of the net and it near filled with them. They were all let go, we werenít able to keep them fresh till home.

This parasite came out of the gills of a collected copper band.

Quite a few juvenile painted crays seen.

Ouch, that must hurt.

Many juvenile damsels and Chromus this year.

A tiny leather coral.

Two of the millions of new corals from this season starting out.

These polyps looked so nice.

A lot of juvenile akindynos to be seen.

This mimic blenny has nice spot to escape predators.

Quite few new season heteractis around.

Plenty of new season fish over all.

One the millions of banded shrimp seen.

Just a few things were collected.

These pics are of our low tide walks.
There were only algae and sponge wanted but heaps of pics taken as we went along.

Thatís it for this Easter.

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Re: Easter Dive and low tide walks.

Post  DeadSled on 3rd April 2013, 4:04 am

What is this little guy, never seen one before but would love to have one Crying or Very sad


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