Attaching corals to aquarium glass.

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Attaching corals to aquarium glass.

Post  liquidg on 21st April 2013, 11:38 am

This thread is about attaching corals permanently or temperarily, to the glass of the rear of your reef aquarium, or the sides.
It can be done quite well with a glass wall or portions of wall through the centre of the aquarium with holes in the glass wall to make a reef for the front and the rear attached either side of the glass to look at from both front and rear.
The concept is one I used many years ago and just recently was used again and during it photos were taken of the process.
Firstly you cut glass like wedges and making sure once the end is glued to the glass, the protrusion of glass is aiming up ward to hold the coral onto the glass wedge.
The coral can be moved from time to time before it attaches to the glass or just let it attach.

Glass ready to cut to make hooks.

One cut of glass the length is the width needed for the hooks.

Some hooks cut and ready.

With mine it was done after the aquarium was running, so I had to lower the tanks water level to glue on the hooks.

Cleaning ready for gluing.
This means you scrape the glass, wipe with tap water wetted paper towel, dry with paper towel, wipe with mentholated spirits and let dry.

Put some acidic cure silicon on the rear of glass hook.

Sit the silicon coated end onto the cleaned glass.

Use sticky tap to hold the glass in place until the silicon cures.
Refill the aquarium and an hour or two later take off the sticky tape as the silicon will cure nicely in the water.

Coral ready to cut.
Wrap the coral in wet material with salt water to wet it until it goes back into the aquarium.

Coral has been cut to sit flat against the glass wall.

Drill holes in the corals with a masonary drill bit of a size that suits your glass thickness and shape the hole to suit it as well and place coral on the hook.

Coral on and finished

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