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Post  scottyb on 30th April 2013, 9:30 am

hi my names scott Iam 25 and i currently live at oceanshores northern nsw. Iam in to any thing to do with flora and funa. i worked with venomous animals for quiet some time n was lucky enough to live in far north queensland so iv had the chance to visit the GBR on many occasions. i have been keeping fish for many years was mainly in to australian native fresh water but a few years ago made the leap to salt. started with a small cube then a 3x2x2 then a 4x2x2 then a 4x3x2 hahaha then i had some financial woas and had to spend money else where moved house(timber house timber floor dose not go good with heavy tanks) got a job working 7-days a week ova the summer and sadly the tank suffered and was eventually dismantled. all tanks i kept where mainly filled with soft corals n as i like schooling fish i always kept a few anthia and chromis. the main thing i didn't like about salt water was its more of a money hobby then something fun to do. when i had fresh water i would go out bass fishing and catch shrimp n feeder fish and nothing would get your fish breeding like dropping in a few new arrivals from the wild. this made keeping the fish that much more rewarding n added some excitement to the hobby. so when i realized u could do this with saltwater as well i was stoked just a pity i dont live in the tropics no more hahaha. i have seen a few corals tube worms feathers and sponges around tho. i surf and snorkel n love checking out rocky areas at low tide. i have a small tank now but am unhappy with the rear built in filter. and i wont goooood lights for sps:). i plan on purchasing a new tank soon something small with a good size sump maybe a cade any info wld be good? i defiantly wont to stick to anthias as i think they are cool lil fishes n i went of soft coral n much prefer arcos chalice monties plates all the things i use to see lots of. Iam keen as to try get some photos meet some like minded people and maybe collect my own corals. i realize this has to be done in a sustainable manner so id love to go along for a dive with some one experience who knows how to harvest properly


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Post  finfan on 30th April 2013, 10:13 am

Hiya Scott YB

Sounds like you have much in common with most people on this forum. Your start out sounds very familiar, I believe most start with fresh then go marine after or at some time.

Good luck with the new tank, hope you can run a thread on the progress mate, lots of good info on set ups here, lighting, filtration etc

Welcome and enjoy.



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