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New N green to marine Empty New N green to marine

Post  kneedeep on 6th May 2013, 3:14 pm

Hi there Smile In the process of starting up an *ft tank previously run down a bit.

Been very busy cooking rocks in 60L bins, scaping out old algea from glass and redesigning sump a little. Oh and of corse lots of shopping.
Just purchased a MS RDC 1800i skimmer and 6ft 4x250wMH 4xT5 4xLED moons hanging light. Did have hood but going open as I reckon it looks better.Tank came with two chillers so no forking out there.

Just want to start out with small amount of fish and good amount of LPS stuff then move on to SPS hopfully with the help from some great guys/gals on here.


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New N green to marine Empty welcome

Post  Makaira on 7th May 2013, 12:02 am

hi mate,

welcome to the forum and hopefully the club.
im guessing from what you've mentioned that your tank is at least 6ftx2ftx2ft
sounds like an awesome build.
if your feeling up to it chuck up any ideas or progress photos in the journal section, i found when i started mine the feedback and advice i got from doing that was priceless.

the biggest advice i can give on sump design is prefilter and settle filter before the main section of your sump. the difference this can make to a system is incredible. (i found out the hardway)
liquid G has a few diy reports on building his and ill be chucking mine up soon.

good luck mate and if you have any questions ask away, we dont claim to be experts but some of the other guys have decades of experience
and theres a few guys (like myself) who have made all the mistakes and have learnt a little from them. (probly alot more learning to go Very Happy )

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