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Post  choc0 on 8th May 2013, 4:32 am

Hey guys, just a little intro.
I'm a student studying in Brisbane and have been running a sort of low maintenance fish only tank with a few small xooa frags and mushrooms. With my family based on the sunshine coast I went crazy at the beginning of the year though setting up a multi-tank frag system in the garage that is maturing at the moment and waiting on some better lighting. Ive got some locally collected stuff in there like xoas, these weird mini flouro-green anemones and that SEQ blue xenia that I'm sure you guys have seen all over. There is also a small plate coral of sorts (a dullish pink colour) that seems to be doing very well under the T5's as well.

I've been rock pool hunting and free diving around but haven't come across much else from what I've mentioned, bar a couple big trevally and a shark of sorts. So would definitely love to come along on a trip in the future to see how its done with the netting and other methods of collecting.

Would also love to get into trading frags with local reefers as student pockets aren't too deep and I have a great place to facilitate them for other members.

Anyway bit of a long winded intro but greetings to everyone and look forward to meeting some of you in the future!


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Best site on the internet! Empty Re: Best site on the internet!

Post  liquidg on 8th May 2013, 9:01 am

Hey Dave, good to have you on here.
Just a couple of things with the forum and us that is quite important as well.
* Never under any circumstances refer to a site of collection or any photos that could be used to ID a site or give any form of direction to any sites of collection on this forum, unless if you know some one well on here and it is via personal messaging.
* Make sure you have read up on all the laws and do not place wording or photos that may be perceived as illegal in any way!
*Virtually no one in society has any idea about anything at all relating to the ocean and its inhabitants, but think they do.
*The government sees anything associated with the ocean as a moneymaker or a crowd pleasure for votes when they pass laws associated with the ocean and on average,don't give a rates about the ocean and have less then knowledgeable and void of common sense people advising them on all that is oceanic!
These facts make it very hard to carry out anything like recreational collecting over the long term , if you do not apply these facts to it.
Sorry if I am bit full on mate, we just need to protect recreational collecting for future generations, if possible.

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