Scuba and free dive trip first one for May.

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Scuba and free dive trip first one for May.

Post  liquidg on 18th May 2013, 11:30 am

The day was very over cast and some rain; this made the water quite dark and hard to get descent photos.
The vis was either side of 15metres,with temps of 23c to 24c and a very strong current.

Smooth seas when heading out.

Bar crossing was pretty good.

There is always a turtle some where near by.

Reasonable vis.

A nice coris wrasse and lipstick tang amongst many other fish around.

A nice set of greasy cod fillets, still on the body,lol, being cleaned by a small mimic cleaner wrasse.

Domino group and anemone

Quite a few colourful corals around.

Sea star regrowing lost legs.

A large sea star,this one can grow to 3 meters.

Large lat pair out for a swim.

Juvenile latezonatus.

A colourful common nudibranch.

Juvenile clown looks like its lost in the big city with in this bubble anemone.  

Quite a few bubble anemones to be seen.

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