Free dive, second trip for may.

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Free dive, second trip for may.

Post  liquidg on 18th May 2013, 11:37 am

A beautiful day with a few hours at the best in beach SEQ and a healthy long swim out to a reef for some cray hunting and invert collecting.
The vis was low at 4 to 6 metres, the temp was 23c and some very nice left and right hand waves as well.
The swell was a little large and made the water dirtier then we had hoped for, but over all, a top day.
The spot.

My favoruite left hand wave.

The mini pipeline right hander.

The water looked very nice.

The beach coral and shells

A few of the acans that were seen.

A couple of the acropora seen of the many there.

A beautiful algae.

Some other nice algae forms seen.

This little painted cray knew it was far to small to take.

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