Rock pool walk, fourth trip for may.

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Rock pool walk, fourth trip for may.

Post  liquidg on 26th May 2013, 12:32 am

One of my favourite forms of collection at a spot we found in the late 70s,with some members collecting at the rock pools. We had a little bad luck with the size of the swell but every one worked that little bit harder and found something nice for their respective aquariums.
My dogs and my daughter’s dog were brought along to this one to enjoy sniffing out some crabs and rolling in something dead on the beach,lol. Just like them, we all had a top day and we didn't have to roll in something,lol.

A few of the guys looking around.

Blue sponge.

Two of the guys needed some yellow claw clean up crew hermits for cyano clean up. This one is just small enough and several smaller ones were collected for this purpose.

This yellow claw is a little too big, it will hunt your small fish and mobile inverts as well.

An algae form, that a few of us collected a little for each.

There is always the annoying taxifolia and brachypus at these pools.

A nice orange tubeworm tube spotted by one of the guys, he got onto a very nice purple one as well.

Some acans of many seen.

Limpets, a few of the billions here waiting for the tide to come back in the start feeding on the algae. Plus they need moisture to move or they would dry out vert quickly!

Collected limpets for frozen fish food mix. You are only allowed 50 per person of shellfish in Q.

A couple of acros seen.

zoas seen.

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