Low tide walk, second one for June.

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Low tide walk, second one for June.

Post  liquidg on 27th June 2013, 9:07 am

A lovely sunny day greeted some of us to meet up for a really good low tide to hunt for part of our fish food mixes, some benthic invertebrates for seeding purposes, some algae forms and a few sponges.
As usual our club president and myself got some pics of the more common corals and general life forms as we went along.
The ocean is getting a bit cold now so the trips will become sparse in numbers due to the increasing shiver factor.

This is sadly a turtle so covered with algae and its flippers were chewed it could not easily swim away and seemed quite sick, maybe it has ingested something by mistake.
What seemed strange was that this is quite a small turtle at around 12 inches and we were all surprised that it was trying to live a life in such shallow in shore line waters.
We thought they were supposed to achieve these early years in the open ocean, well we thought so any way?
All we could do was send it on its way as it bumped into things and then just stopped there, it really needed help, but to do this it would mean getting it some where like sea world and then we may run fowl of the law in some way by taking a turtle out of the ocean and home into one of our large tubs for sea world or similar to pick up, who knows?
By the looks of things it didnít have many days left and there is no way you would find it again in such an area.

We got a couple of pieces of this sponge, to see how it would go in a reef tank as well.

A few random coral photos.


A few the algae types seen that were quite interesting.

Some of the acan variations seen as we walked along.

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