Moreton island dives and a free dive during June 2013

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Moreton island dives and a free dive during June 2013

Post  liquidg on 27th June 2013, 9:10 am

These are just a few f the many pics I took when myself and a couple of mates went out and braved the cold for a dive or two in some deep water then back for a free dive on cunjevoi reef on the way home to look for some crays.

This vis out wide was 12 to 15 max and in the shallows it was 5 to 8 max.

Donít forget any one free diving for crays, you have ten per boat max and they have to have a hole in them or be damaged in some way at least.

So yes, on snorkel they can be speared!

This is a cold sunrise, still beautiful though.

One of the guys hitting bottom on the first dive.

Random pics.

Hanging on the deco line after some deep water.

Some coral catfish coming in for a look.

Curious catfish up close.

Heading home

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