Beautiful live rock.

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Beautiful live rock.

Post  liquidg on 7th July 2013, 1:48 am

Have a look at this guys and gals, we found this is in two feet of water walking around in some rock pools. Donít ask where, itís just the extreme beauty of what the ocean can produce that I am showing and something big and beautiful that swam past!
I was looking for my favourite algae, the extreme blue/purple variety and after finding quite a few small sections of it, this turned up.
To some this may not look that nice, but to be fairly incrusted with my fav algae, to me there is near nothing prettier in the ocean
A piece of live rock like this approximately the size of a dinner plate,wow!
It wasnít collected;I already had plenty of my fav algae, you can only take the algae out here, not calcium skeleton.
Oh and a near all white whale with blotchy colour around its face, and with spotted colour on the very top of its dorsel and a near black tail, the rest totally white, swam past and we thought its migalu,spelling?
But this one was only around 15 or so feet long and the one next to it a hell of a lot bigger!
No pics, we were on anchor having lunch when they zoomed past the boat. It looked like white water under the water as it went off into the distance, quite fast as well.
This is my fav.
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