T8 LED replacement tube light fitting.

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T8 LED replacement tube light fitting.

Post  Admin on 17th July 2013, 9:11 am

These are photos at different stages of the 2 foot fitting to use replacement LED tube lights.

This build should be carried out by an electrician.

T5 two-foot tubes are around $15 each as of March 2012,twin fitting $60+.

T5 tubes last in use at 14 hours per day for a max of four months with good out put for corals then have to be replaced.
LED tubes use one third the power for same out put and last for up to four years with the same use!

LED two-foot tubes costs are $26 each landed in Auz from China, the fitting you can make for $15 including lead, plug and tombstones.  

Firstly you buy lengths of pvc pipe at around 50 mill diameter and one at around 100 mill as well from somewhere like bunnings and cut them each to lengths of 630 mil long.

Then cut along both lengths of pipes making them into equal half’s of each length.

The first pic is of the 100 mill half of pipe.

Cut the holes for lighting tombstones with a soldering iron.

Finished hole ready for trimming.
Trim around the holes with a sharp knife until smooth and try the tomb stones to make sure they fit, if not then apply the soldering iron again around the edges

Trim edges until smooth.

First fitted tombstone.
Flaten around the edge of the holes to allow the clips to lock the tomb stones in place.

Always cover wires with maybe heat shrink and before you apply this use some silicon grease or nulon spray to any metals including wires.

Fitted tomb stone.

Once wiring is attached to each tomb stone, maybe use the push in wire type of tomb stones and apply positive one end-red and negative the other end, black, thats all these tubes need.
Then once wiring is in place, lay the 5 mil half over the top of the 100 mil half and with the soldering iron melt a hole from one to the other for stainless screws to attach the 50 mil pipe half to cover the wiring for safety.

The top view of the finished fitting.

Fitting ready go.

Double fitting off one plug.

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