Pre filter building instructions for reef aquariums.

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Pre filter building instructions for reef aquariums.

Post  Admin on 17th July 2013, 9:56 am

Take old tanks a part or cut waste glass you have found.
In time I will go through it and explain every part of it and make it neater, a great deal, for now if it helps you to find ways and ideas on what to make for exact pre filtering of which these will do, then go for it.
To cut the silicon seal you need a knife that you have thinned down to near alfoil thickness on a bench grinder or angle grinder or rub it on a concrete floor.

cutting the glass

Glass for pre filter box that is designed to go out side of the aquarium attached to the rear or ends of the tank with holes drilled for water to get to this pre filter.
It can be attached any where across the back or ends of the aquarium and the holes drilled accordingly.

tracking for filter wall

filter wool barrier

hole for settling sump piping

piping for hole

glue in piping

This example now finished is for use on the back or ends eternally on the aquarium with holes or an over flow scolap cut weir to allow water to get to it.
It combines the wall as a day to day filter wall barrier to clean and the pipes in the settling chamber with their own socks to be cleaned once or twice a week or when they need to doing.
The settling pre filter chamber once the tank return pump is turned off to clean filter wools, will allow nothing at all to get to your external bio filtration!

Out of tank examples of settling pre filter chambers.

These can be put at the sump or any where really before external filtration

Pre filter water level governing pipes for in the aquarium
This is an example,you need piping twice the diameter to this and no less than two for your exits
The bends silence the water,the angeled cut at ther top makes for a larger area of exit and the lip is to slightly face done to help silence water as well.

This style of pre filter is designed to go in the aquarium!

Firstly the type assisted by holes in the base of the aquarium for the water to get to the sump.

Lift prefilter wall out

place rope in pipe and heat to shape before pulling rope out of pipe



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