Free dive, second for July 2013.

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Free dive, second for July 2013.

Post  Admin on 26th July 2013, 2:00 pm

For this day the club members that turned wanted to look at three areas, one for some red algae and then onto looking at some yellow caw hermits for clean up crew, varied sponges, blennies, triple fins and auzy acans.
The weather was fine and warm; the water was cold and quite dirty with just 2 metres visibility.
The following photos are from the areas we visited.

A rock formation from one site.

A large rock pool from another area.

The vis.

Some interesting algae circles to see.

A few of the common acropora corals.

A single acan polyp starting its community.

Several of the acan colours.

Two tone acans

triple fins

The same snail species encrusting with coralline.

A large aplysia dactylomela sea hair.

A pink and some white tritoniopsis Alba nudibranch eating soft coral.

A wobbegong getting some sun.

The capensis red algae of many sections that we wanted.

A tiny section of the  red algae we collected.

Limpets high and dry on a rock.

Still no idea of this algae’s name that from our experience, is only found at one of the sites visited.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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