Collecting trip, second for August

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Collecting trip, second for August

Post  Admin on 31st August 2013, 2:14 pm

This boat trip gave us poor vis with 19c to 20c temps as well, though a stunningly smooth,clear and calm day, the vis was not great.
The sunrise as we left the shore line.

It evolves as we go.

In open ocean now over the bar.

On average the vis was poor with lots of life.

Plentiful grey nurse sharks as usual.

Always a few dog sharks about as well.

A lovely feather sea star blending in with some tubastraea

This tube amenone has dropped all of its symbiotic algae.  

A good example of soft coral.

Always good to see some ulva while diving.

An unusual tube worm cluster of a calcium tube type.

Never a shortage of clown fish.

There are four juvenile banana wrasse in this pic.

As per usual we had to take a pic of the acan and purple anemone that have been in this spot for over 12 years.




murex shell

clam shell

clam shell



cowries  shell

After a brilliant day this in how good it was on the way home.

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