Free diving, sunshine coast, third for August.

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Free diving, sunshine coast, third for August.

Post  Admin on 31st August 2013, 2:16 pm

At the boat ramp, it was a very rough day,lol.
This is in open ocean, no bar here!
This ramp is in the marine park so we headed north and it is just some metres north once around the point and you are out of the Moreton bay marine park.

On our way and its a very nice day.

Vis was very,very good.
This is looking over the side of the boat in just over 30 feet of water at the edge of the drop off.

Our pres on the first reefs edge.

This is the drop off at the first reef.

A turtle notices us.

Acans everywhere.

As usual,two tone acans.

Some random coral pics.

This area is abundant with caves in 6 to 30 feet of water, the deepest water we were free diving was to around 35 feet.

A couple of nice algae.

These are the cray pics.
Quite a few around as usual.

Lots of gorgonian of three major colours.

One of many acro feeding.

hard coral

hard coral

jelly fish

red seaweed



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