Free diving in "the rock pool", fourth weekend for August.

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Free diving in "the rock pool", fourth weekend for August.

Post  Admin on 31st August 2013, 2:19 pm

A beautiful start to the first day.
We went to three sites over the two days and conditions were excellent!

On the first site trip at dawn.

The sunrise experienced this day.

The rock pool we visited for photos.

The open ocean side of the pool.

The pool

The water clarity.

Rock pool anemones

Bubble nudies in the shallow rock pools.



An acro of millions in the pool

Algae seen in the pool.

Cowries in the shallows as well.

A site we went in on scuba for a look around from 90 to 120 feet in depth.

Thousands of sea apples covering a house block sized area.

One of the big ones.

One of the common sized that makes up the masses.


Near the boat

One having some tucker and notices a diver.

turtles on a sand bar

Random pics from the third site where we went collecting.

An unusual shell.

xmas tree worms

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