Sps showing it didnít like the precipitation to calcium-phosphate experiment.

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Sps showing it didnít like the precipitation to calcium-phosphate experiment.

Post  liquidg on 14th September 2013, 12:33 am

For a short time I had been trailing varied amounts of dosing to try out phosphate precipitation to cal-phos.

The levels that were tried eventually worked and what I believe to be the precipitation of phosphate from the waters binding to calcium came on very strong and phos disappeared from the tests.

I tested as it went along and the none extended precipitation on the glass, plastic, everywhere! certainly came on strong.
There was a multitude of standard extended or spiky you might say cal precipitation as well, but that was a given with the types of dosing I was using.

At the end of it all i scraped and crushed a few of the thousands of what looked like coralline with no colour, off the walls in a cup of no phos tested RO water made into saltwater.
It didnít loose its colour, it never had any!
In that cup the tests of phos were near off the charts.
It certainly works, but I lost a few sps, some acans changed colours, most decorative algae melted away, some cal skeleton inverts grew faster then I could imagine including clams and others showed their detest at what I did to them as the pic that follows shows quite clearly.
Need less to say, phosphate removal is best done in one of the many other purchased or natural ways available.
Making calcium phosphate your self is not in your reef lifeís best interests!

In that short time of dosing water torture, this sps changed in shape from normal to show itís hate of what I did to them by giving me the finger, three times just to make sure I got the message.

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