Chelonia mydas being friendly.

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Chelonia mydas being friendly. Empty Chelonia mydas being friendly.

Post  liquidg on 22nd September 2013, 1:12 am

Yesterday there were several turtles and as usual at least one is seen on our south east Queensland aquarium society field trips, but this one looked sunburnt.
Its not really, its just when they are in such good nick they are more so this colouration when we see them, especially a chelonia mydas semi youngster as is this one.
We have so many turtle pics its not funny.
About 8 years back I had the pleasure of cutting one from fishing line, it hung around or ages after that and came with in inches just gently, as if it was showing appreciation!
That one was the most beautiful turtle colouration and pattern that I have seen and to this day I have never seen another of that type.

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