Low tide walk, first for September 2013

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Low tide walk, first for September 2013

Post  Admin on 1st October 2013, 9:01 am

The conditions were about as good as you will ever get here, so nice!!
All the best conditions were aligned that afternoon.

Smooth seas upon arrival.

Many carpet anemones out of the water.

A small doreensis seen.

One of many flat worms.

To many to count of coralline algae-mermaids tail.
A youngster

An adult.

Either cuttle fish or ocy eggs.

A cute nudi.

Excellent reef aquarium orange sponge.

A sea pens skeleton.

A pep covered in algae.

Pep out of the algae.

There were billions of peps!
One of them under water

An unknown red ocy that became common here just ten years back from never seen here!
You can just imagine it thinking,yuck a human!

I'm out of there!

A sea hair-nudibranch high and dry.

Worms that nudis graze on under nearly all the dead coral-rocks.

Sea star chilling out and getting some weak afternoon sun.

The suns setting so its time to head home.

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